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[10 ways Artificial Intelligence is improving hiring and staffing in IT]

How can you separate AI staffing benefits from buzzwords?

One great way to tell the difference is to ask AI recruiting companies what they use artificial intelligence, machine learning and/or deep learning for. Hopefully the hiring firm can what it’s using the new technology for and not just that it is. If not it’s time to dig a bit deeper.

How do professional consulting firms actually use AI?

There are countless ways the innovative technology is already being used. From parsing resumes and profiles to filtering candidates to increasing engagement nearly every step of the onboarding process can be optimized. These are, in my opinion, the;

10 best ways Artificial Intelligence is improving the hiring process for clients, candidates and recruiters alike.

1. Filter more resumes in less time

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are decent at parsing keywords quickly. However, they don’t do a great job of combining those keywords with other factors, let alone context, to paint a complete picture.

2. Prioritize traits with finer detail

Imagine replacing “I think 1–3 years of experience is good” with “I know 1.2–2.7 years of experience is hired, and retained for over 90 days, more than any other segment”.

3. Remove or reduce bias

Sentiment Analysis (SA) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are already being used to gauge not only the job-seekers demeanor but the tone of the job description as well.

4. Connect the digital dots

Rather than reading a resume, then a LinkedIn profile, then a Facebook page, then a Google search, etc. many machine learning models can already scrape that data then compile it into a single snapshot. Think your digital footprint’s not being analyzed? Read this.

5. Confirm candidate information authenticity

Speaking of connecting those dots… does the information on each part match? A huge red flag that could be easily missed by a person is just as easily caught by A.I.

6. Learn from mistakes and never forget them

We currently rely on incomplete reports and imperfect memories. A.I. notices every missed detail and never forgets.

7. Easier scheduling for everyone

Collaboration apps like Trello and cloud-based email services like Calendly have made scheduling easier than ever. However, we still find ourselves having to email back and forth from time to time. An ideal use case for virtual assistants a.k.a. chatbots.

8. Keep everyone engaged and informed

Often times the worst part about the hiring process is the wondering. Candidates wondering if they’re still being considered. Clients wondering if positions are being filled. Artificial Intelligence doesn’t have “office hours” and can be asked anytime, from anywhere, by anyone.

9. Improve job descriptions and advertisements

It’s rare that stringent A/B tests are run on the efficiency of a job posting. Even less common is the ability to determine why one resulted in more, and more skilled, candidates than the other. A well trained machine learning model can make great recommendations for your future job postings.

10. Ensure audio and video integrity

Trying to determine if the person on Skype is actually who they say they are can be a burden. Fake interviews waste time, cause frustration, and may lead to human bias going forward. Having an A.I. assistant perform the initial screening prevents all of it.

  • Data science/analytics/business intelligence/artificial intelligence
  • Information security/cybersecurity and
  • ERP SAP/Oracle and project management/BA/QA
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About the Author:

Matthew Bardeleben is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Peterson Technology Partners. He has earned more than 35 certifications in topics ranging from artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Python programming to digital marketing, growth hacking, and UX/UI design from organizations such as IBM, Google, and HubSpot.

Peterson Technology Partners (PTP) has been Chicagoland’s premiere I.T. consulting, staffing, and recruiting firm for over 20+ years

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